2014 Year-in-review: Ensure It Is Modern

Date Mon 22 December 2014 By Chara Category misc.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or a professional, DIY is where it’s at. We explored many jobs this season that just about anyone having a few hours and a few straightforward resources can make without breaking the lender. Take a peek back whatsoever factors DIY inside our Make it Modern ray. http://design-milk.com/2014-year-review-make-modern/

2014 Year in Review: Unframed

He sought out the most effective artwork exhibitions that significantly quit our teeth dropping. We take a look back at a year of astounding, mind-blowing conferences that individuals featured within our Unframed ray. The guidelines when it comes to artwork – he levels latex color straight over enamel letting him to cut-out parts of the “second coat” are broken by Perez. Roman Youth, 2013 (depth) From an inch absent, the statues of Li Hongbo seem like plaster. They're not. http://design-milk.com/2014-year-review-unframed/

AIAIAI x Ghostly Version TMA-1 Headphones Are Hauntingly Good

I’ve been hearing an assortment of audio throughout the last several nights together with the TMA-1 headphones and what was immediately noticeable was how good the luxurious Moroccan leather onear pads have reached separating ears from intruding ambient sounds. The haunting ambient tonal waves of artisan Karl Verkade could be a little too subtle to determine entirely with other containers, but using the TMA-1′s cushions, I was surrounded inside the audio despite the noisy looks of LA city-life outside my windows with no help of active-noise cancellation. Converting to the more defeats-focused melodies of Constrobuz’s Beats Volume 7, the blacked-out containers proved proficient at bringing out the intricacies of the bottom of the reduced end with mind-bobbing outcomes, caused by particular tweaks Ghostly engineered to reap the benefits of their collection of considering man’s dance-music, with eardrum-tiring high-frequencies dialed back. In case your audio catalog leans more toward the low-finish spectrum and “minimalistic” is fallen under by your style indesign, these Ghostly improved TMA - . You may invite envious looks from these in the know if they identify the printed Ghostly International’s ghost brand, distinguishing these limited edition headphones from your regular TMA-1. http://design-milk.com/aiaiai-x-ghostly-edition-tma-1-headphones-hauntingly-good/

A Seattle Residence Steps Away from the Water

A roof terrace is created onto the next degree above the single-tale, boxlike quantity. You've to go across a fill about the inside, to gain access to the roof deck. Precisely the same green is used for this entry that’s to the front door. The kitchen, dwelling and dining rooms are organized around a double height space that includes connection and the staircase on the second-floor. http://design-milk.com/seattle-home-steps-away-water/