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Egg producer Avangardco (AVGR LI) slid 2.1%, or 21.7% in two times, to its cheapest price since its April 2010 IPO. The Ukrainian Trade (UX) List of Kyiv-traded stocks increased 0.9%, led by fat developer Ukrnafta (UNAF British +4.4%), which includes advanced 18.1% in four straight beneficial classes. Yenakiyeve Metal (ENMZ British) enhanced 21.1%, or 1.4% in four advancing classes that are straight. The session was calm on Ukraines overseas markets. The contour stayed broadly untouched with the greatest one along with its shortest conclusion. On the corporate yield place, probably the most sweeping motions were in two Eurobonds growing in stop-May 2015: the YTM of notices of power holding DTEK (DTEKUA) improved 136 bps to cross the 100% limit; and the YTM of records of Condition Move-Import Bank (EXUMUK), which completed at above the 100% degree a week ago, elevated another 113 bps to 104.7%. A small unity of the official and free rates of the hryvnia vs. the dollar was noticed about the ForEx market. The official hryvnia pace, fixed from the central bank, has weakened to UAH U.S. (from 15.77 in the last session), that will be its alltime reduced.

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