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Date Wed 21 January 2015 By Chara Category misc.


Flip and Flop

Yesterday, I discussed the new ballot that demonstrates New Yorkers overwhelmingly oppose cops switching their buttocks on Mayor de Blasio during police memorials. In addition they assume police partnership chief Pat Lynch is a jerk whois bad for the city. Currently exactly the same pollster (Quinnipiac) has launched amounts for that Mayor and the Governor.

Cops turnon Dangerous Union Key

First there is a study demonstrating the townis populace extremely compared calculated displays of contempt like rotating shells to the Mayor during policemanis funerals - despite city citizenis granting of the police team generally. There is announcement a couple of fantastic union meeting in Queens where Lynch's authorities claimed he'd brought them in to a dead end having an ego-driven pissing-fit using the Mayor that offered short shrift with their needs that are genuine.

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Hiring: DC Senior Manager

Notable Putin critic, Alexei Navalny taken into custody for questionin g by troop of twelve cops.

Sounds Legit

Since I talked for you last about the future Israeli elections in March there's been some wobbling inside the forms that I wanted to tell you about. Equally Likud and Work have been hovering in the low as observed earlier -20s for your variety of Knesset seats with Labour retaining a really modest but apparently chronic lead, they're likely to achieve while in the selection. If the quantities made, that altered in early Jan. Fresh polls showed Likud holding a cause that was equally slim.

Gist: Gov Cuomo, Wildly Popular

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